Pick Your Own TART CHERRIES on Saturday, July 23 at 9:00 AM.

Maple Leaf Orchard

Pick Your Own TART CHERRIES on Saturday, July 23 at 9:00 AM. NO EARLY SALES! Picking starts at 9:00 AM! Rain or shine. No reservations. Usually we are picked out by noon, but this year we will be picked out quickly due to the freeze on May 15 that froze many of the blossoms on our fruits as they were in peak bloom. We lost about 50% of our cherry crop for this year, so if you want cherries, you need to be here at 9:00. They will be picked out quickly! $2.60 per pound, 20 cents per pound extra for pitting. Please bring containers to pick into and to carry your cherries home in. The EUBANK cherry is available in local nurseries marketed as the "Sweet Cherry Pie" cherry tree. No pets; please keep your dogs at home where they are cooler and more comfortable. You may want to bring bug repellent.

Also available starting Monday, July 11, Pick Your Own red CURRANTS by appointment 715-778-5881. (The black currants were hit hard by the freeze and are very limited; there are not enough to be worth a separate trip to pick only black currants.) $2.75/lb. You can pick currants on the PYO Cherry day without an appt. Always available at the farm: Honey, Maple Syrup and jelly from all the fruits on the farm.

We are a family run orchard employing local people. This is a real working farm, where the fruit is grown on site. We utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to provide you with high quality fruit with minimal sprays. We monitor our orchard regularly for pests by setting out pheromone traps to catch certain insects and only spray when the number of specific pests in the traps exceeds the threshold. Mark monitors apple leaves for insects and diseases. Our weather station monitors conditions that are favorable for disease development. Mark uses this information along with the stage of fruit development during the year, to make decisions on how to manage pests in the most environmentally friendly way. We strive to take care of this beautiful farm, so it can be producing delicious fruit for generations to come.

Visit Mark at St Paul Farmers Market on Saturday mornings May - October. Check out the St. Paul Farmers Market website for free light rail or Metro bus passes on Sat. AMs to get to the market.

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Cherry Picking currants
Thank you,
Mark and Sue Christopher
Maple Leaf Orchard